Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems


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It is an exciting and fast-growing field with a broad range of applications. It is a discipline dedicated to the acquisition, storage, management, analysis, and visualization of spatial data in a computer environment. GIS gives the student the ability to integrate and analyze spatial and non-spatial information. It provides a suite of tools used to support many kinds of decision-making and analysis for application in fields such as Agriculture, Business, Demography, Economics, Emergency Management , Marketing, Natural Resource Management, Transportation, Urban Planning, and more. The primary goal of the program is to ensure that the student becomes sufficiently grounded in theoretical foundations of GIS to make informed use of existing GIS applications and gain skills needed to construct new applications in the physical or social realms. This program is the first of its kind at the regional level and we offer it to meet the urgent needs of the local and regional community, and to provide staff with the skills needed to deal with the high technology of GIS and remote sensing. Also it aims to raise the level of decision-making in the government and private sector through the use of (GIS) and the ability to develop to suit all renewable requirements.