Islamic Contemporary Da`wah

Islamic Contemporary Da`wah

The major I study helps me in bringing up my children. During my study I worked as Da'iah (preacher) through some sessions in mosques. It is a distinguished field of study that allows us to get the good of life and hereafter Samya Shamyya Hadeel Ali


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This program is designed to teach the student the necessary Islamic sciences related to the Islamic faith (Aqeeda),comparative religions, interpretation of the Quran and Hadith. It also focuses on preparing the student to be a good speaker and preacher ( Da`ia). The student has to take courses in the art of Speech and Rhetoric and that will enable him/her to be persuasive and more effective in preaching. In addition, this programs equips the student with the necessary knowledge needed for better interacting and communication with others as it is very crucial to the process of preaching. With all of that in hand, our program will provide the society of skilled and knowledgeable preachers to raise the awareness of their religion. It is with no doubt that our society needs those qualified people to help them better understand Islam especially at this time.