International Relations Office

International Relations Office

International Relations Office (IR) is the interface of the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) to regional and international institutions, and is the first contact of UCAS with universities and academic institutions, as well as the institutions of public and private sectors which are outside of Palestine.

IR seeks to develop a competitive strategy of the UCAS on the regional and international level through the establishment of academic and cultural cooperation bridges between UCAS and various educational and academic institutions, and promotes this cooperation by the signing of cooperation agreements and memorandum of understanding.


The UCAS international relations office supports the UCAS global vision by providing the leadership, raising awareness, facilitating the pursuit of international education and encouraging involving in global collaborations.


UCAS will enhance interdisciplinary and interprofessional training and research on local and global issues, and to foster greater international exposure for students, staff, and community aiming at achieving UCAS vision to globalize and diversify its academic spectrum of educational and community outreach services.

Strategic Goals

  1. Increase opportunities for UCAS academic professionals, staff, and students to incorporate international dimensions into their teaching, scholarly agendas, programs and professional development.
  2. Develop UCAS policies and procedures that encourage leadership and innovation in the creation and delivery of international education.
  3. Promote the College's name and reputation among its potential partners and extend its services to new horizons of collaborative work environment.