The Central Library

The Central Library was founded at the University College of Applied Sciences on 13/11/2005 to facilitate access to the various information needed for students and to support academic programs, as well as to strengthen the university research projects.The library always seeks to keep pace with technological development as the library uses the library management system "Al-Rashid program" in the management of library services of the loan, return, renewal, and reservations. In addition, the library offers electronic search service that provides electronic and printable information sources through the college website in order to save time and efforts. The library contains 17,000 scientific material of books, periodicals, scientific researches, and CDs to serve nearly 8,000 students in all specializations.


The library offers its services to the college students and the public throughout the week from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.


The materials in the library are arranged on the shelves according to special numbers according to the Dewey Decimal system, which divides the topics into ten main sections and each key theme of these topics into ten branches, and so on.

These are the top ten sections with the corresponding numbers as follows: