Academic and urban expansion, community services and leading applied researches.


University College of Applied Sciences in Khan Younis is a Palestinian institution for Applied and Vocational Education. It seeks to serve the Palestinian, Arab, and international community. It also seeks to enhance the scientific and technical levels of this college by providing applied academic programs, scientific researches, and high quality community services based on Islamic values and teachings.


It is my great honor and pleasure to be part of the working team and staff of the University College - Khan Younis ; this educational structure which gives all of its attention and efforts to provide the applied and vocational disciplines that contribute to the development and progress of society. It is our duty at the University College to provide our students with all that is new in their applied and vocational fields of study. We provide computer and scientific labs , we also provide technical and professional workshops in order to refine the practical experience of the students and make them able to do their jobs effectively and professionally when competing in the job market. As the college works to meet the requirements and needs of the local community, it guarantees the concept of comprehensive quality in all provided disciplines and different academic activities , as a result , the college was granted the International Quality Certificate (ISO) instead of receiving the Award of International Excellence and Creativity. The college also managed to weave international relations with prestigious Arab and European universities and gained the membership in several unions of Arab and European universities. In this regard, I should relate this success to having the efficient and professional academic and administrative staff that cherish and appreciate hard work and success.

My dear students, to keep this special status of our college ,you have to bear the responsibility of maintaining and reserving the course and advancement of this college by focusing on your studies and the interest in its applied and vocational sides. I wish all of you the best of luck and great success and to our college progress and prosperity.