First Elementary Education

First Elementary Education


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The Bachelor degree in First Elementary Education prepares the student to teach several grades; from kindergarten up to sixth grade. The program is designed to: provide courses and field-based learning experiences which enable the student to develop the skills and competencies required to effectively meet the educational needs of children at this level; to manage a performance-based, behaviorally-oriented learning environment in the elementary grades; and to prepare students for advanced study leading to careers as specialists in education for children. The program emphasizes multifaceted curriculum approaches designed to help students function in a school environment which provides behaviorally-oriented learning experiences, as well as standards-based curriculum designs. Additionally, elementary education majors are exposed to opportunities to understand and become empowered to actively participate in innovative and creative approaches to teaching and curriculum reforms. It's also important due to the high demand for teachers in the job market in our society as we suffer from an acute shortage in this field.