Nitaj Exhibition

It is an annual exhibition carried out by the University College to support and nurture innovation and to adopt the creative students in all fields. The University College exerts all efforts to create a suitable environment for this activity that comes in line with the overall strategy to adopt the principle of community responsibility and partnership with various public and private institutions. This exhibition sheds the light on the creativity of the students of the department of Engineering Professions in all specializations. It is carried out annually to motivate the students express themselves through art work and products prepared under the supervision of a preparatory committee in the college. It is also considered as an important step into integrating the students in the society. It also seeks to promote the importance of the concept of technical and vocational work in the Palestinian job market. The significance of this exhibition lies in its great success as the first exhibition for this department. This exhibition attracted great number of visitors who appreciated and praised the precise execution and organization to all corners of the exhibition. This all helped raise the society awareness about the importance of technicians in Palestine as the society needs qualified and well-trained people who can contribute to a comprehensive renaissance of the Palestinian community. This exhibition consists of different sections that display the products and art works made by the students like engineering models executed perfectly, paintings and many other products that reflect the creativity of the students.