The Annual Palestine Festival for Children & Education

The Annual Palestine Festival for  Children & Education

Children are the real revolution that human societies keep for the achievement of progress and civilization. We must all work to invest such revolution effectively to achieve advancement and prosperity. Thus, childhood has become today the main focus of world attention. And early childhood services have become a light stand of a lot of research and conferences. Accordingly, the childhood centers spread across the developed world, in order to develop the services provided to children in particular and workers in the field of childhood in general. This is to prepare the child to be creative and distinctive in various fields of life. The Gaza Strip like the other regions of the world cares about the issues of childhood and children and aspires to provide all the services available to the category of children, which is the largest age group in Gaza governorates. The presence of the Israeli occupation has a significant impact on the psychological instability of children. Given the interest of the largest segment of children in the Palestinian society, the University College of Applied Sciences has been keen on the establishment of Palestine Festival for Children and Education since its inauguration, which coincided with the opening of the Child Education of the Department of Educational Sciences.

Objectives :

This festival aims at helping children present their creativity through their participation in multiple activities of the festival (art competitions - theater - drawing - chanting). It also helps alleviate the effects of the trauma suffered by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip as a result of the aggressive Wars on the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, this festival provides an opportunity for local community of family and corporate sponsors of children fund to take advantage of special products for child education.