Engineering Professions

Engineering Professions

One of the requirements in UCAS is to acquire the ability to search and discuss as well as time management in order to achieve many activities in a short time. There is no time to step back. We, students, are in a constant state of challenge through the brainstorming sessions conducted by professors and projects' advisors. Mohammed Mansour surveying


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Aims at preparing skilled land surveyors who are able to use modern surveying techniques, electronics and GIS in managing and analyzing digital cadastral maps. The students will be able to read and understand various cadastral charts and maps, and innovate accurate electronic survey drawings through engineering drawing software. The students will be capable to estimate the area and the dimensions, divide and partition lands according to the law, prepare budgets of different road projects, and deal with local and international GPS data networks.


Qualifies the student to be a first assistant engineer to work with architects and other engineers. The students will have a high ability to generate creative ideas using engineering drawing software. The students will be able to read and recognize all types of engineering schemes, run and follow up all phases of buildings construction, acquire the technical skills of creating geometric models of buildings as well as prepare projects specifications and bills of quantities for all types of construction projects.

Interior Design

Builds up the student's skills to be an interior designer assistant who supports the interior designers in designing and implementing all the works in the office or the location. The students will recognize and master all types of drawings such as engineering, free and perspective drawing, architectural design, and working drawings. The students will be able to do a simulation to the designed models through various software along with using the elements of light, shade and sense to enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of interior spaces while taking into account how different colors, textures, furniture and space work together.

Art and Crafts

Give students the opportunity to design various artistic works along with using modern electronic programs to apply them. Students will be eligible to start and run their own work in the path of reinforcing the heritage and the art profession in the Palestinian society. The major includes but not limited to the following artistic and craft works: engrave and etcher, decorative lettering, embroidery, tailoring, weaving, sculpture, paper art, candle making and flower arrangement.

Civil Engineering

Aims at preparing proficient civil engineer assistants who analyze, design, interpret, draw construction maps, and monitor the construction of the facilities or infrastructure. The students will comprehend different types of maps and schemes with high focus on construction maps. The students will be qualified to prepare bills of quantities, identify the nature of soils and types of foundations, draw and design the maps of roads, bridges and buildings.

Automotive Electronic Engineering

Seeks to prepare an eligible technicians to deal with modern cars that contain microprocessors, several interconnected communication networks, entertainment systems, and safety critical software. The major provides the students with underpinning knowledge together with both technical and practical training on diagnosing and maintaining the problems of cars. It also helps the students know how to start and pursue a career in the automotive electronics field.

Aluminum Technician

Provides the students with basic engineering knowledge concerning aluminum works coupled with the practical training such as measuring quantities and choosing specifications. Within the course, student are acquainted with the local and international aluminum systems.The students recognize the physical properties, select the proper aluminum systems according to the nature of the projects, prepare the detailed and work plans, measure the quantities of aluminum works and run aluminum worships on scientific basis.

Automotive Transmission Technician

Aims to prepare specialized technicians in Automotive Transmission who are able to efficiently diagnose and maintain the troubles of automatic or conventional automotive transmission whether of hydraulic or electronic control. Students will get practical training using modern machines and advanced equipment.