Educational Sciences

Educational Sciences

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Early Childhood Education

Mingles theory with practice to offer the students whatever necessary to work as teachers of elementary stage at local schools and nurseries. The graduates will vividly participate in the social education of the child on modern scientific bases. The graduates will disseminate the principles of the proper educational knowledge as well as design activities and create educational games, and teaching methods.

Management of Childhood Institutions

Disability is one of the most significant issues in Palestine. It has clear economic, physical and mental effects on individuals and families. The course allows the students to identify the child diverse growth and development stages, and it explains the principles of mental guidance for children. It also offers sufficient training to deal with disabled children. The students will be capable to create programs that fit children's needs, interests and abilities along with running nurseries and kindergartens.

Physical Education

Yearns to accommodate specialized sportsmen capable to work at schools, rehabilitation centers and clubs. It also plans to prepare professional sports coaches and supervisors to organize various sports activities and championships. The students will be able to run schools entertainment activities and projects as well as provide scout education. The major grants the students the tactics and rules of some sports like football, table tennis, tennis, karate and judo.