• Entrepreneurship

We are really proud here at UCAS having our students prepared to be entrepreneurs. We have developed a course on“Entrepreneurship” as a compulsory course for every undergraduate. It aims at empowering students with the necessary knowledge, analytical skills, and strategic competencies to set up and run their own projects. Getting their business off the ground, students are trained on how to kick-start their cracking ideas and transform them into real projects considering key areas of business such as finance, marketing, and presentation skills.


“We have been able to indulge the terms of creativity and leadership into as many academic specializations as possible, which in turn has altered the mindset of lots of graduates and has guided them to the path of entrepreneurship and small business !” Mohammed Al Afifi, Entrepreneurship Lecturer


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A team of specialized academics keeps updating this course to keep on moving ahead of the curve of labor market where change is constant and never stops. 


From Ideas into Reality