"Students at UCAS Get Their Career Path All Mapped Out"


At UCAS, we let students know where their majors are going to take them and what jobs are open up for them. One of these activities is:


Volunteer Placements

A prepared volunteer is a better volunteer! Thus, our Volunteer Center is the primary portal for all-volunteer service activities offered at UCAS and Gazan Community, with a strong commitment to providing quality placements. We are the pioneer in incorporating volunteering as one of the basic graduation requirements. We support the volunteer program of our students by promoting conscientious service in the context of social or educational aspects at organizations, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and associations.


Check this out:

  1. More than 116000 volunteer hours
  2. More than 4000 student volunteers
  3. More than 1700 charity associations and governmental organizations in which our students volunteered.
  4. More than 100 Community initiatives implemented in all life fields per year.
Significant Initiatives and Campaigns



Getting a degree is a passport to employment- and UCAS makes that transition easier