UCAS Clinic


Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. This is the crucial key why UCAS clinic is always on hand. Promoting high standards of health care, UCAS clinic has lots of features to go through:


  1.  Supplied with advanced equipment, clinical laboratory, dental treatment, pharmacy, and most importantly a specialized medical staff
  2. Primary healthcare and emergency services are basically provided to all our students, staff members, and their families  
  3. Handling with the students' stress and relaxation.
  4. Raising the awareness and medical guidance through disseminating articles and pamphlets, and carrying out scientific and educational seminars and workshops
  5. Offering free treatment and making periodic inspection to the college's cafeterias to promote safe and healthy food.   

                                        "We as students are provided with a professional primary healthcare service ensuring the health and wellbeing                                                                                     with highest quality standards"​ Majdy Bassam, a student in Engineering Professions