UCAS Central Library:

 Founded to facilitate access to various information needed for students and to support academic programs, as well as to strengthen research projects.

Have a QUICK Glance:
  1. A massive number of over (40,000) books and scientific researches

  2. Access to over (9,000) online resources and periodicals

  3. Different sections: Palestinian books, children's books, references, Hadith documentation... etc.
  4. Keeping pace with technological development such as using "Al-Rashid Program" in the management of library services of the loan, return, renewal, and reservations
  5. Offering electronic search services that provides electronic and printable information sources through UCAS website to save time and efforts
  6. Equipped with electronic monitors on the gate of the library, surveillance cameras, and optical reader for students used for borrowing and recording attendance
  7. Librarians are on help whenever getting stuck
  8.  Open six days a week, students come here for research, revision or just a quiet place to work. It is the ideal place to work on assignments without distractions.
Our Greatest Hopes and Aspirations!
  1.    Digitizing all of the library books to make high-quality electronic versions of the paper books
  2.    Automating student attendance system using a fingerprint instead of university ID card


“When you are working on your research, definitely think about UCAS library as the best place more than just books; to start, continue, and finish!” Maysoon Arafat, Basic Education Student