Scientific Research Unit

Out of its belief that research is the catalyst of progress in all feet of life, UCAS always works on strengthening its position in the area of scientific research. It thrives to be a champion to push forward scientific research growth; allocate time to generate new knowledge, stimulate research stages, and disseminate the scientific productions made in the different specialties.

Duty Roles


Extra Priority

UCAS pays an extra priority to keep its researchers up with excellence through its constant pursuit of upgrading scientific research locally and globally.


Strategic Plans

Achieving UCAS’s vision and mission by making periodical strategic plans & policies for scientific research in cooperation with elite academics


High Impact Factor Journals

Motivating academic researchers to participate in publishing distinctive scientific researchers at highly cited refereed journals.


Data Bank & Database

Constructing a data bank of scientific research activities, and establish and nurture a database of Arab and international journals. 



Supporting and encouraging academic researchers to participate in international and local conferences, symposiums and research competitions.


Training Sessions

Holding training sessions focusing on innovation and genuineness in terms of scientific researches and addressing the top-level research areas and issues in contemporary society.

Scientific Research Events

Holding conferences, study days, workshops and seminars to support UCAS`s role at local society



Stimulating researchers to collaborate with different kinds of research partners including members of the same college or researchers from other academic and non-academic organizations as well as international partners.



Updating and improving statutes and by-laws promotion procedures for staff according to offering rewards and priorities to the brilliant researches that ‎serve the Palestinian community.


Academic Exchange

Providing opportunities for academics as well as students to share in Academic Exchange Programs to gain practical global experience and perspectives at various partner universities



Striving to provide external funds for supporting unique researches



Culture of Research

Inculcating notion of scientific research between learners


Scientific Research Awards

Inspiring our students to participate distinctively in their scientific research and graduate projects through three annual awards: UCAS Award for graduate researches and projects, Ameer Anan Award for Tech projects and 3-Minute Graduate Project Competition.



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Scientific Achievements


 Publications (Papers in Journals and Conferences,     Articles, Book Chapters, etc.)


 Research Papers Published in Journals (Q1 or Q2) 



 Memberships in Refereed Journals


 Bon Voyage through Academic Exchange Programs





 With its track record and expertise, UCAS will be at the forefront of high-impact research projects.