Holy Quran and Islamic Da'wah Center

 seeks to re-shape the Islamic personality and build up a constructive unique generation of students, employees, and society. It aims at:

  1. Meeting the needs of the society through educational courses and various events and activities.
  2. Qualifying an efficient staff of Doa'h, Holy Quran teachers and reciters
  3. Offering jurisprudential solutions and Fatwa to some controversial issues
  4.  Promoting the culture awareness about the Islamic ideology among the participants in the center's activities.
  5. Aspiring to be a leading minaret to serve Allah and Islamic Da'wah through disseminating and developing Islamic Da'wah in the Palestinian society


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Holy Quran and Islamic Da'wah Center includes the following committees:


  1. Da'wah committee
  2. Fatwa committee
  3. Holy Quran committee
  4. Sunnah committee
  5. Capacity building committee
  6. Media committee