Community Services and Continuing Education Center:


The Continuing Education Center (CEC) functions as UCAS' community service arm-working in the areas of educational reform, professional and organizational development, and capacity building for the current and future work.


In line with its mission to serve the region and its commitment to lifelong learning, (CEC) strives to:

  1. Empower the local community and create sustainable development impact
  2. Meet the lifelong education and training needs of all learners in the local community academically and practically.
  3. Focus on developing the academic and vocational performance of personnel at governmental and private sectors
  4. Develop the continuous networking with international organizations
  5. Promote the institutional performance by providing advice and professional consultancy
  6. Show youth and trainees the practical application of the developmental projects and gain valuable and marketable skills
  7. Offer a variety of certificates and non-certificate courses, intensive professional and corporate courses, customized soft-skills workshops, and special programs for people of all ages, as well as educational and professional levels