Communication Disorders Clinic


Introduces a comprehensive service to enrich the academic and professional aspects in the field of Speech and Articulation Therapy. It aims at offering pioneering community services that it is prepared with the latest technical qualities, and the scientific-technical staff as well as specialists and experts. It serves basically people with speech disorders along with the disabilities of hearing loss, mental retardation, learning disorders, cerebral palsy, autism, and mental disorders. It includes the following main services:


  1. Offering good and ample diagnostic and treatment services to individuals whether children or adults who suffer from speech, language and hearing disorders.
  2. Carrying out wide-scale surveys on communication disorders in nurseries and schools.
  3. Giving advice and provide consultancy about the way to deal with people with disabilities.
  4. Carrying out seminars, guiding sessions and workshops for the families of the beneficiaries, and update them with means and plans to deal with their children.
  5. Giving training to the college's students of Speech and Articulation Therapy major.
  6. Coordinating with public and private health centers to transfer patients to the clinic.
  7. Coordinating with non-governmental organizations to recruit college graduates of the field.