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"We at the Chamber of Commerce in Gaza have strategic relations with the University College for Applied Science. By means of these relations, we are seeking to implement joint programs in unique technical-vocational areas that help youth to acquire the necessary skills enabling them to engage in the labour market or to run their own/special projects." Dr. Maher Al Tabaa, Director of Public Relations



 “The level of cooperation between UCAS and organizations working in Qatar is very excellent. The projects- we previously cooperate with- produced fruitful results, and there’s ongoing development for these programs preserving its continuation.” Dr. Khalifa Alkwary, General Director of Qatar Development Fund



 “UCAS is the only college that provides suitable vocational graduates for Gaza which is in a bad need for reconstruction during the coming years. This college provides outstanding graduates in different fields. In my opinions, it is the best college here in Gaza.” Eng. Mohammed AlAmady, Ambassador of Qatar




"We are proud to continue working with UCAS to improve the effective initiatives especially in the technological sector. This which in most cases provides tens of qualitative opportunities for graduates and enable them to achieve a stable source of income and a life in dignity. This provides the basic pillar of human rights. This result is what we are proud of."  Mr. Roberto Falent, The Special Representative of the United Nations Development Program in Palestine (UNDP)



"UCAS is deemed as a strategic partner for us in Gaza, at which its efforts are dedicated in providing job opportunities and achieving sustainability, and it always implements projects with great and impressive results." Mrs. Marina Wes, President of the World Bank at Palestine