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Going International in  Cinematography and Filmmaking....Graduate "Hassan Mashharawi



After only two years of his graduation, Hassan (Multimedia Graduate) has succeeded in going international as a brilliant cinematographer and filmmaker through his participation in producing documentary films that became widely famous and globally spread. He has worked for international channels such as Aljazeera network, BBC, Channel 4, Al Arabi Channel and international organization like UN, EU..etc. He filmed in many countries including conflict zones such as Yemen, Libya, Syria, North Turkey and the three wars in Gaza, Palestine


His advanced experience in television's photography with a Steady Cam technique and the high qulaifications of cinematography & direction qualified him to jump up to this spectacular success. In addition, he is the first in Palestine to take aerial photographs using aviation photography.


One of his most prominent films, which gained wide popularity, is "The Captive" film which won Martyr Ali Hassan Al Jaber Award in Qatar and Freedom Award in Palestine. Moreover, Hassan participated in making “The Road to Tawergha” film which won One World's Refereed Committee Award and was shown in some European cities. And "Gaza Lives on" won the first award in The Algerian Cinema Days Festival for cinema films, and "The Storyteller" film won the golden prize in Aljazeera Festival in 2014. Also, "The Empty Intestine" film which won Platinum award in the International Festival for Documentary Films in Jakarta.  Nevertheless, he's still showing his outsatnding talent in many recent documantries such as "Snow Neighbor, Gaza Gas, Haftar, Strange Neighbor, Abu Jehad's Assissnation and others". 


“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. With hard work, dedication, persistence and passion, it's been possible for me to achieve my overwhelming dream” Filmmaker, Hassan Massharawi