• Students' Clubs
"The social scene is fantastic! The Student's Club always has events going on. There are loads of extracurricular activities at the beginning of term and there's a fresher’s fair where you can sign up to lots of different societies." Hadanah Al-Gusain 


It is all about our students and their creativity. It is all about their fun and entertainment. It sharpens their relationships, strengthens their hobbies and interests and deepens their perspectives.


What's up to?

Each department has its club. Students' Clubs hold many for-free-events, trips and sessions to help the students get the most of their time. In our students' clubs, there is always something to do.


What are students into?

Our students can get into the club they prefer from A to Z! With these clubs, students can never get bored. What if one student has an interest that doesn't have a club yet? Then it is their own chance to set up a new club and bring as many as other interested students. There's always a place for all.


Long-lasting friendships!

The club is the place where students can build new friendships. It is the place where students can catch up with peers from different majors and with totally diverse views. It also the place where students can find someone to listen to their worries and help them overcome their problems, and it is all free and confidential. Students are here to help other students!

  • At UCAS, students are not numbers but a part of the community
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