Simulation Labs:

Through our simulation lab teaching, we assume that first hand-on experience is achieved within a practical educational environment for various majors. Our academic staff will let you know why UCAS has the edge. Get inspired!



Nursing Simulation Lab



“We aim at preparing excellent health care providers and leaders to transform lives through innovative health care practices through simulation". Ali Elkhateeb, Head of Health Professions Dep.


HERE in this lab, students can perform many health care practices on mannequins including:

  1. Applying dressings to a mannequin's wounds
  2. Observing the emitting lung and bowel sounds, physiological responses, normal and abnormal pulses and heartbeats
  3.  Manipulating a mannequin to notice the reaction of correct or incorrect drugs and dosages
  4. Performing injections
  5. Practicing intubation and defibrillation

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Accounting Lab



"We provide our students with an exceptional learning experience in accounting in order to become the preferred source of professionally trained accountants for employers in our region. This will prepare undergraduate students to be productive members of their profession and society". Marwan Eldohdar, Head of Finance and Management Dep.


Interactive for deliberating:

Provide assistance and in-person tutoring to students who currently enroll in accounting classes at UCAS.

Strengthen our students’ understanding of fundamental accounting concepts.

Emphasize a practical approach to the usage of accounts, journals, ledgers, and financial statements.

Open for students to use for their homework and research.

At this simulation accounting lab, we focus on the updated accounting technologies and practices:

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. The Golden Asseal Accounting and Management Program
  3. Freelance Accounting
  4. Electronic Commerce
  5. PayPal account

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IT Modeling Labs



"Through modeling laboratory teaching, we assume that first hand-on experience is achieved within a practical educational environment in IT various majors. Learners will be able to acquire knowledge and master some of the most in-demand technology in today's' market”. Nael Abu Rass, Head of IT Dept.


We have unique IT labs:

Cyber Security Lab 

     Interactive for deliberating:

  1. Computer science terminologies such as coding, password protection, social engineering, operating system security, DataBase security, and network security
  2. How encryption works to protect privacy and information systems.
  3. logical reasoning to create strong passwords in the Password-Cracking Challenge
  4. Ethical hacking and its related issues.


   Interactive for deliberating:

  1. Simulation of network changes
  2. Pretest of network updates prior to physical deployment
  3. Simulation of production networks and troubleshooting in a simulated network
  4. Internal operator practice with a virtual network
  5. Connection of virtual and physical environments.

iMac Apple Lab

Interactive for deliberating: 

  1. Tools, skills, and knowledge needed to deploy iMac computers and iOS devices
  2. Interactive discussions and hands-on exercises of configuring and managing these Apple devices.

Check this out:

  • BYOD Bring Your Own Device

  • Tech-Tools: iMac labs, Smart Watches, Wacom Devices, Chroma Screens. 

  • Complex-Task Approach: Immerse actively in an activity while using problem-solving (critical thinking) skills

  • Real-World Scenarios

  • CISCO Certified & Oracle Academic Certified

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Fashion Design Labs



"This lab is designed for learners to acquire conceptual and practical skills of fashion design, and to transform their conceptual skill into finished garments. We prepare our learners practically and vocationally for the labor-market". Manar El Banna, Fashion Design Lecturer


We have unique fashion design labs:

Computer-based Fashion Design Lab                            

  • 1. Providing  learners with practical training of drawing various basic patterns

  • 2. Using computer-assisted design techniques like Optitex

Fashion Design and Manufacturing

  • 1. Affording learners with equipment enable them to design and sew pieces of clothes using sewing machines

  • 2. Introducing learners to high-fashion collections that meet consumer demand

  • 3. Adapting trendsetting styles into marketable garments for average consumers

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The English Language Lab



"Teaching a foreign language isn't all about hitting books. We bring a significant change in the English class environment as well as in the teaching process throughout contextualized opportunities of experiencing dynamics of language communication, supported by customizable multimedia teaching tools. We succeed in breaking the ice and evoking positive reactions towards learning English in an interactive way. By the way, I am privileged to be the first Educator in Gaza using Socrative App as a successful formative assessment tool”.Aya Mashharawi, English Language Lecturer


Interactive for deliberating: 

Oral Communication

Facilitating oral communication through interactive conversation activators, presentations, photo stories, and discussions.


Collaborative Learning

Stimulating students to work collaboratively in pairs or groups with our printable worksheets, role plays, games, dictionary-based tasks, mobile-friendly classroom apps and other interactive activities


Multi-Skills Practice

Improving the core skills of speaking, listening, writing, reading, and grammar for effective use of English


Contextual language

Creating interest and curiosity in the language topics and the functional daily expressions


Audio-Visual Aids

Using readymade videos and audios to expose students to the authentic accent, develop good pronunciation and intonation, as well as provide a natural social use of language.


Socrative Software

Using innovative formative assessment tools such as Socrative app to assess students easily in a short-time, track their progress, allow them to see results in real-time and provide immediate meaningful feedback


My Moodle

Customizing lessons at our students’ own pace using the Moodle to download self-study tutorials including worksheets, videos, audios and online links


Attaining ILOs

Ensuring that the teaching-learning methods enable students to attain intended learning outcomes (ILOs)


Giving Insights into the culture and customs of other countries


Staying up to Date our students join us in the “English Forum” on social media, so as to stay up to date with English practice and improve their skills 


Check this out:

  • (100%) of English classes have fewer than 35 students sitting in U Shape

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Media Lab



"We teach students how to be responsible and creative in their media making. We cultivate an appreciation of the media's special role in the new world of interactive media. I get the most enjoyment when students tell me that they’ve made a difference in some aspect of their ". Fayez Salah, Media Lecturer


This Media Lab is a place where students can create and edit all kinds of digital audio, video, and images. It consists of:

  1. Radio Studio: A type of radio station that is run by the students of a college.
  2. TV Studio: A large studio space with high-quality lighting, editing, sound, and production equipment that staff and students can use to create media.

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Moot Court



Moot court is an extracurricular activity in which learners take part in simulated court to hone their written and oral advocacy skills in a competitive setting. Moot court does not involve real testimony by witnesses, cross-examination, or the presentation of evidence, but rather is focused solely on the application of the law to a common set of evidentiary assumptions, facts, clarifications and corrections to which the competitors are introduced.


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We are committed to providing a multitude of cutting-edge simulation labs