Considering that our key asset is outstanding researchers, we invest in our interested academics and students at all levels to work in individually or interdisciplinary teams and to push boundaries for the sake of discovery and making a difference.


 Academic Researchers’ Projects

Our researchers have been playing a crucial part in leading and defining the change of research agenda upon various levels. Here is a selection of some impressive outstanding projects by our academic researchers: 



               "Safeguarding the Manuscripts Heritage of the Great Omari Library Project"



The Research Project Idea:

In partnership with the Ministry of Al-Awqaf and Religious Affairs, UCAS implemented this project under the supervision of Eng. Muneer Elbaz. It based on preservation and digitization of the Great Omari Library's manuscripts which suffered from environmental hazards and inappropriate storage. Not only that but also the project aimed to train the library staff to conserve and digitize the manuscripts to be publicly available online. 

The Funder:
The Cultural Emergency Response Program of the Prince Clause Fund




"The Wastewater Treatment Project for Al Mawasi in Rafah Area"


 The Research Project Idea:

In partnership with the Engineering Department at the University of Bologna and Union of Agricultural Work Committees, two academics from UCAS: Dr.Tamer Eshtawi & Eng. Loay Qrenawi implemented this project to create a pure and semi-permanent water source for agricultural lands, and to utilize it before being discharged to the sea to be usable for specific end-uses such as drinking, industrial water supply, and irrigation in Al Mawasi- Rafah area.

The Funder:

Funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo) 

Under the supervision of Overseas Agronomic Institute (The Istituto agronomico per l'oltremare (IAO)



Students’ Research Projects


"The Smart Litter Bin Project"



The Project Idea:

Smart Litter Bin rewards everyone for throwing litter inside it with several services:
1) Free Wi-Fi

2) Charge phone Battery

Smart Litter Bin with solar-powered sorts litter and reports on its fullness through sensors. 

The Owner of the Project : Mariam Nabil Al-Husary and Ferial Maher Ajour
Awards: Smart Litter Bin Project won “Silver Medal” of Doha for Competition, held under the supervision of Qatar.




"Cryptographic Certificates Using Blockchain Technology through the Ethereum's Platform"


The Project Idea:

it aimed to create encrypted electronic certificates that were published through a specialized website and blockchain technology, which provided directly and quickly verification of university degrees from all over the world by embassies, universities, and employers without the need for seals and certifications, saving effort and money.
The Owner: Samia Mahmoud Hassouna and Asma Hisham Maghari

Supervision of: Dr. Ahmed Abdel Al-A'l.

Incubator: UCAS Technology Incubator.

Awards: Engineering Department of UCAS won 2019 PICTA award for the best graduation projects upon the level of the Palestinian universities




"The Effect of Accounting Conservatism on Earnings Management under the Institutional Governance”


The Research Idea:

  it aimed at exploring the effect of accounting conservatism on earnings management under the institutional governance through a comparative study between the UAE and Palestine markets.
The Researchers: Sondos Tammous, Khadija Khader, Noor Al-Shahri and Amani Odeh

Supervision of: Dr. Omar Al Jeaidi.

Awards: Finance and Business Department of UCAS won the First Place for the MOHE Scientific Research of the University Student Competition organized by the Ministry of Higher Education at the level of 17 academic institutions in Palestine.




With its track record and expertise, UCAS will be at the forefront of high-impact research projects.