UCAS! More than a Place to Study!


UCAS always is with our students all the way investing in many exciting facilities and wellbeing to make its campus the best ever. Have a QUICK Glance:


Sport Facilities


UCAS is supplied with a vast outdoor arena where students can practice outdoor activities such as football, volleyball and basketball. There is also a big indoor gym equipped with dumbbells, tennis tables, treadmills and bicycles for aerobics.



“The gym and fitness membership is amazing value for money and body. The equipment is modern and fabulous to keep fit”  By Ahmed Hussain 



  • UCAS Cafe & Cafeteria


  •     Students can grab their favorite drinks and food here. They can get themselves a coffee to refresh their minds or a 
  •     bite of our delicious pizza. Oh yes, not to forget the Take-away cafĂ© machine & the food delivery service. By providing such a vital place for  students to study, eat, socialize and acclimitaize to college life, the college cafteria proves to be an integral part of students' social development and success. Simply, a sense of community is available  here at UCAS cafteria & cafe. 

 “It’s my favorite place to enjoy a hot chocolate, tasty snack and a good chat with my friends in between lectures”  By Dina Ryad



UCAS Kindergarten


Our staff members' hard work has no limits. Therefore, we built our own kindergarten where kids of the staff and kids of female students can have fun and get basic knowledge. The kindergarten also opens its doors for the kids of the surrounding community.


“UCAS Kindergarten didn’t let the issue of childcare put me off going to university. It’s so lovely!” By Eman Salama, a mother student



Meet our Students


Written for you by our students!

We can give loads of information about UCAS, but if you really want to know about what's UCAS like, then it is best to hear from the students themselves. Read more if you want to know what university life at UCAS is like. Our students have covered all what they think best to be said and what you'll see in this section is just a mirror of our genuine students talking about their experience at UCAS.



Expectations VS. Reality

I chose UCAS because I thought it would help achieve my goals in life.

Before I started university, people told me it would be very hard not just in terms of study but also in terms of dealing with classmates and teachers. They said the university system is difficult to deal with. Absolutely no, when I started studying there, I discovered it's the total opposite! My classmates are very kind and my teachers are very helpful. Whenever I have a hard time in study or so, I find a hand to help me.

I have always been shy to talk to people but college helped me overcome my shyness. It has taught me to be more confident in everything, especially when it comes to interacting with others. I've become a totally different person. Now I have many friends with whom I am so happy and outgoing.

When it comes to studying, I am always on my toes! I am busy all the time and I love this. I DO advise all students to join UCAS. It's the place where one finds themselves!

By Eman Tabaza, Community Rehabilitation


What I Like Most about UCAS?

Here we go! Many things to love about UCAS. At UCAS, I learn a new language: English which I love the best. My teachers are very understanding, considerate, helpful and most importantly genuine!

UCAS supports us financially so we don't have to be worried about fees. And yes, the library! It's my best place ever. It's the place where I enjoy comfort and tranquility. I love the green areas at UCAS where I and my friends can relax and enjoy the green sceneries, not to mention the gym!! I took up gymnastics and practice almost every day which helps me refresh my mind and body.

By Thorya Hania, Accounting



Things to Remember  

So let me introduce myself to you. I am a lucky graduate from UCAS. I graduated in 2013 and I am so proud that I was once a student there. Actually, there are many things to remember about UCAS. When I think of it, I really can't count them. First, what really attracted me was the use of modern technology during classes and other extracurricular activities. Technology was everywhere and in everything. Was also didn't only focus on theory but we also applied it and practiced every single step in our studies. That made it easy to us to understand. I can never deny how UCAS broadened my experience and knowledge and prepared me for my career journey. No one can ever deny how UCAS taught us how to be creative and original! I remember how shy I was when socializing, but then afterwards I became a better person in terms of communicating with others. Let’s not forget about the adventure. College life was full of adventure either in study or fun time with friends. Now, whenever I am sitting in my office working, coming across something that I learnt at UCAS, I can say nothing but, "Thanks UCAS!!"

By Kareema Al-Dahdouh, Social Work  


“The lecturers are fantastic, absolutely brilliant, anything you need: meetings, tutorials, equipment, questions anything like that, they’ve got it! Plus, they don’t just lecture you, they’re getting you involved with the practical work that you’re doing, and it’s really good”

By: Shtha Basiony, Technology Management- BA Student



My Tuition Fees all Covered

"I couldn't pay my college fees at the beginning; however, I chose UCAS since it has some facilities in financial aspects. It is very nice that you can keep taking classes without having to come up with the money to pay for each class as you are ready to take them. I would like to thank this outstanding college because I was offered financial aid help that covered all my fees".  




At UCAS, students are not numbers but a part of the community