Bon Voyage

We create outstanding learning experiences through international mobility. UCAS is an active participant in all aspects of the Erasmus program and promotes its brilliant students to participate in such international academic exchange programs.  

The mobility activities are expected to produce the following main outcomes:

  1. Increasing competencies of youth across countries
  2. Improving capacity to trigger changes in terms of modernization and international opening within their educational organizations
  3.  Enhancing intercultural, foreign language and communication skills
Meet our Erasmus Students


Haya Ferwana

I was given the opportunity to do an Erasmus semester in University Of Valencia. If I hadn’t done an Erasmus semester, I would have left university not knowing all the intricacies of the language and colloquialisms that you learn from native speakers. I had such a blast getting to know so many other people from all different nationalities and I grew so much in confidence as the semester progressed.


Huda Syam

I went to Middle East Technical University in Turkey for a semester as part of Erasmus+ program. When I arrived, I found the program challenging both academically and personally, but living on my own, in a foreign country (and being immersed in a new culture) taught me how to be an adult. I didn’t have my mum and dad, friends or family there for support, but learned to look after myself. I also learned how to talk to people from all over the world. I had to be financially careful and one of the most valuable lessons from my time away was that it’s important to seize any opportunities that come your way. I grew in confidence that year.


Ahmed Aljazar

I did Erasmus and loved it. The Erasmus program, which was in University Of Valencia, was fantastic. Studying with lots of other students from Europe helped me a lot with my English language. It had an incredible effect on my future career. Also, going abroad helped me develop ideas in different ways and perhaps I, and other Erasmus students, had a fuller education because of it. Studying abroad can really help you develop in new ways you might never have imagined.