Technology has altered the way we live and work and is still changing the whole world today. Our majors give the new generation of students the chance to be part of the next leap of mankind. Specializing in such courses would build a generation of technology professionals and skilled programmers. With such programs, students would be able to develop their own software and programming skills. Our majors cover a broad scope of topics to help students develop whatever technology skills they look for.


This program has four majors:


  • Multimedia Technology:
  • Enables the students to design and develop digital animations, imaging, directing, presentations, games, and Internet applications using multimedia software, tools and services, interactive graphics and programming languages. The students will be able to use and maintain audio and video systems as well as analyze the requirements of any multimedia project. Within multimedia technology, the students merge the design and technical knowledge to create ICT-based products.



  • Geographic Information Systems:
  • Teaches the students the skills related to GIS such as capturing, storing, managing and analyzing all forms of geographical data. It allows the students to analyze information and edit data in various ways that elucidate relationships and patterns in the form of charts, maps, and reports in order to present concrete accurate results and statistics that help answering questions and solving problems for any corporation that uses or in a need for GIS applications.
  • Designing and Developing Websites:
  • Provides the students with the essential skills and modern techniques of computer software besides the knowledge and skills to develop internet- related applications. It also enables the students to analyze and design database systems and use programing languages and graphics to develop various interactive web applications. The students are trained to create and utilize both e-commerce and e-governance.


  • Data Base and Programming:
  • Prepares students to be competent programmers and specialists in software application building and data base designing. Students will acquire the ability and the skills to analyze and compute several types of business, use various database programing languages, design, run and maintain data base, build internet web and distributed software applications as well as build multipurpose software applications.

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UCAS is supplied with a variety of labs supporting the learning process of such majors, including: a Multimedia Lab, Animation and Games Unit, GIS Lab, Networks Lab, Electric Circuits Lab, Logic Design Lab, Maintenance Lab for Peripherals Devices, Microcontrollers and Programmable Logic Controllers Lab, Computer Maintenance Lab, Electronics Lab, and Electronics Maintenance Lab.

    • Inspiring Graduate
"My major combines software programming with multimedia. Now I have the ability and creativity to work in many areas such as audio and visual media, film making, website development, electronic education, developing software for people with special needs, that let me work effectively in the labor market."
Samya Shamyya Multimedia technology


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