Some students are very much into helping marginalized people in their societies overcome tough challenges and create a brighter future for themselves. Some students are into issues related to their society such as media, social service, legal work, or religion. In such majors, we allow the students the chance to explore a wide range of subjects that may surprise them. Our academics have rich experience in such humanitarian studies; they will help our students grow and get the most of their studies. 


This program has five majors:


Islamic Studies (Preachers):

Prepares intellectual cadre to work in the field of Islamic Da'wah ( propagation) and memorization of the holy Quran. The students will inculcate the correct principles of Islamic Da'wah based on the methodology of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his companions. The students will get education to work as sufficient Doa'h (preachers) and orators, and help people keep the holy Quran. The students will be academically and practically prepared to teach in the concerned institutions and use modern technology to serve an disseminate the Islamic Culture.



Social Work:

Seeks to graduate social workers who are qualified to work directly with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. The graduates will gather theory and practice especially during their training within community programs and agencies, where they can meet their interests and abilities and improve the quality of the presented social work. Students will acquire the essential skills and foremost techniques of scientific research to help deal with and solve social problems.


Secretary and Legal Studies:

Enables students to join labor market as professionals in legal secretarial works and legal studies. Students will be provided with advanced program that elevates their vocational and legal knowledge, and develop their capabilities and practical skills. Students will inculcate principles of law and justice to promote law profession, and work in different types of courts, legal departments, business and sharia' offices. The students will be familiar with the required skills and tasks of the profession such as: assist lawyers, prepare and fill legal documents( appeals, motions summonses, complaints, subpoenas,… etc). The students will learn, too, how to locate relevant information for cases, and how to deal with a wide range of challenging legal and business issues.


Institutions Security:

This major is one of the qualitative programs at the level of applied social studies directed to community service, which is in line with the our strategic plan in providing qualitative and professional specializations that touch the community’s need and provide it with qualified human cadres in the field of security. It is also one of the necessary programs to meet the needs of the Palestinian society and take into account its development and expansion of the private sector, including charities, companies, universities, banks and NGOs that need to provide a safe atmosphere of external and internal risks in order to be able to continue their social role.



Focuses on providing students with legal experiences that combine theoretical and practical aspects that enable them to carry out their work according to work needs, the most important of  which are:


  1. Legal knowledge related to the most important laws, such as: civil law, commercial law, labor law, land law, personal status law, human rights, constitutional law, insurance & investment law and general theory of crime & punishment.
  2. Skills to communicate with vulnerable groups that enable them to provide legal aid or legal advice.
  3. Skills of communication, management of civil society organizations, writing projects, and funding requests.


      Inspiring Graduate



"My way of thinking has completely changed. When I started studying social work at UCAS, I obtained a lot of professional skills and theoretical knowledge that helped me in the professional practice of social work."

 Lila Derdes, Social Work



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