Students of these professions are normally with natural empathy towards others. They are these people who would like to help people get better. The healthcare sector is hugely rewarding to work in. we, at UCAS, offer students a wide range of majors that would help them get started in their chosen career. We offer them the knowledge and the practical experience. Many of our lecturers have already done the job they are training their students to do.


This program has four majors:


  • Nursing:
  • Seeks to prepare and train professional nurses to offer safe and special services in terms of health care to patients and families where they can attain , maintain, or recover better health and quality of life. The students will get training and practice in a wide diversity of practice areas. The students are trained on the skills of using the medical equipment and machines, and taught how to work directly with patients and their families. The students will perform frequent patient evaluations, including monitoring and tracking vital signs, performing procedures such as IV placement, phlebotomy, administering medications and other secondary care responsibilities. The students are prepared to deal with different work environments.



  • Medical Secretary:
  • Aims to prepare secretaries that work in a variety of environments such as hospitals and health centers, and mainly provides support and assistant to medical staff. The students will be trained on dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, answering phone calls and arranging appointments, writing letters or recording medical notes, ensuring medical samples are properly labeled, filing and typing up reports and correspondence as well as providing administrative assistance with medical research.
  • Anesthesia and Resuscitation:
  • Aims at preparing assistants for qualified anesthesiologists to work in medical centers especially in hospitals. The students will be qualified to help the main anesthesiologist to develop and implement anesthesia care plans. They will be able to collect preoperative data and do many tasks related to operations as well as provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation in case of emergencies. The students will be able to provide assistance before and after the operation specially in monitoring patients, and function in the intensive care unit.


  • Nurse-Midwifery:
  • Endeavors to prepare well-trained and qualified nurses and midwives who follow medical and professional techniques in terms of nursing and Midwifery. The students will recruit the basics of Mother's health and precautionary care during pregnancy and birth. The students will be able to put comprehensive plans that match the needs of mothers and children, diagnose pregnancy superventions, carry out first aids in case of emergencies, and make natural childbirths. The students will acquire necessary skills to operate and use different medical equipment, diagnose pregnancy disorders and how to deal with them, and identify various ways of Birth Control (advantages- disadvantages- side effects).

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Whilst studying, students will be able to use state-of-art stimulation equipment and facilities designed to look like hospital areas and many labs that UCAS has, including: Physiotherapy Lab, Disordered Speech Clinic, Assistive Technology Center, Anesthesia Lab, Nursing Lab with internal organs and body systems, and Prostheses and Orthoses Lab.

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 Nursing means a sense of humanity. at UCAS, you have a keen interest in and passion for the humanity.
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