This program aims at supplying future engineers with the professional basic knowledge and skills of the efficient usage of computer and computer technology. Our graduated students are in high demand in many fields of the professional sector, and their skills and education are useful in an ever-broader capacity in contemporary society.


This program has five majors:


  • Electro-Mechanical Technician:
  • Looks for graduating professional technicians in the field of electro-mechanics. The graduates will give assistance to engineers of the same field, and will be able to deal with different types of machines, where they gather component parts, operate, test, and maintain, and use hand and power tools, fixtures, templates, and microscopes. The students will be trained to read blueprints, diagrams, and technical orders to determine methods and sequences. The graduates will be able to deal with modern machines in terms of control and electrical connections as well as develop their abilities in computer design skills.



  • Computer Maintenance:
  • Qualifies students to be professional technicians in computer maintenance. The students will apply the theoretical knowledge in maintaining computers. They will acquire the correct and professional methods of maintenance, maintain the software( operating systems, applied software), hardware ( floppy disk, hard disk, RAMs, Mother Board, microprocessor, graphics card, laser disk, expansion slots, adapters… etc) and attachment of the computer ( monitor, mouse, printer, UPS, scanner, …etc). The students will learn how to design, establish and maintain local area network (LAN).
  • Science Laboratory Technician:
  • Gives students the opportunity to do the laboratory-based tasks such as sampling, measuring, testing, recording, and analyzing results in biological, chemical and physical sciences. Students will have the ability to provide the required technical support to enable the laboratory to function effectively whilst following correct procedures and health and safety guidelines. They will be qualified to carry out fundamental tests as part of a scientific team to assist in the advancement and development of modern medicine and science.


  • Internet and Computer Networks:
  • Targets to graduate students who have the knowledge and skills to work in the field of computer and internet networks. The students will be capable to set up different computer nets using various types of cables. The students will be able to administer nets, identify priorities and powers, periodically diagnose nets faults and maintain them, develop necessary skills to guarantee information privacy, and learn how to deal with computer networks.
  • Electronics Technology:
  • Aims to graduate cadres that are professional in maintaining and repairing electronics, and running maintenance workshops and projects. The students will have the knowledge and the ability to create printed electronic boards, and will be trained on using various electric equipment and machines (digital multi-meter, oscilloscope,…etc ). The students will have the skills to control electric systems and design them to be stable, and will use engineering software to draw and analyze various electrical circuits. The students will follow all the updates in the field of electronics technology.
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