Our business majors are designed to help students build the skillset they need for today's dynamic business environment. There are plenty of theories that you are going to learn and how these theories are applied in the real world, too. We, at UCAS, give our students the chance to take a placement in different businesses and organizations. how these affect businesses. Our previous graduates have managed to work for different offices, banks, and logistics.


This program has main three majors:


  • Accounting:
  • Prepares and trains students to be capable and professional accountants. The students are exposed to the basics and different types of accounting (Governmental– Financial– Taxes– Auditing …etc). The students acquire deep foundation of principles, skills and accounting practices. It uses professional and systematic methods and helps the student master accounting electronic programs as well as get filed training in banks, accounting and auditing offices and financial institutions.



  • Administration and Office Automation "Secretary" :
  • Provides advanced knowledge and skill development in executive secretaries and office management. The students adopt the communication skills, write reports in Arabic and English, type in many languages, use mail and email and browse the internet. The students receive training in using modern office machines and devices, advanced computer programs, management and accounting applications.
  • E Marketing:
  • Aims at preparing technical cadres trained and specialized in the field of e-marketing so as to able to provide community services to all private and public institutions in Gaza Strip as well as meet the needs of the Palestinian market.


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UCAS is supplied with a Typing Lab equipped with dozens of computers to allow students the chance to practice Arabic and English typing. Also, it is supplied with a Professional Secretary Lab which is a prototype of the real-life secretary office equipped with all devices the students may see when working such as phones, faxes, printers, and photocopies. 

    • Inspiring Graduate
"I'm completely ready to work in civil society organizations as I have professional experience in administration and office automation. I'm confident and strongly believe in my abilities. I express my gratitude to UCAS."
Mohammed Alhaj, Administration and Financial Sciences


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