it consists of the two majors:


  • Technology Management:
  • Technology Management is a unique educational program designed to give the student, through course work and practical experience, an improved understanding of business practices and entrepreneurship in technology-based companies, and also to help non-technical students understand their important role in the world's leading technology companies.
  • "The quality of the instruction cannot be beaten. The lecturers are the best working professionals in the field of Technologic Administration. I’m grateful for the quality of instruction I received there and for the care and attention I received from my instructors and the administration; I am proud to call UCAS my alma mater!"
    Basma Abu Aser, Techological Administration Graduate 




  • Applied Accounting:
  • The field of Applied Accounting is designed to deal with computerized accounting systems in various commercial and private companies, where the focus will be on the computer through the courses offered. It will also provide the student with the working methods of accounting, financial and development capabilities and technical skills that will enable the student to study and analyze financial and accounting problems, evaluate financial systems, provide practical recommendations and propose appropriate solutions through the use of methods of scientific research. This program will qualify the student to work in banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, business firms and construction companies as well as all establishments engaged in business or charity, in addition to his/her ability to work in governmental departments.
  • “As long as money makes it go round, the world will need its accountants. Studying accounting at UCAS is an amazing chance of being professionally working for an established company or run a private business. I learn more about myself than I ever did in my whole entire life being at UCAS.”
    Applied Accounting Graduate
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