It consists of the three following majors:


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS):
  • It is the first of its kind at the regional level and we offer it to meet the urgent needs of the local and regional community. It is an exciting and fast-growing field with a broad range of applications dedicated to the acquisition, storage, management, analysis, and visualization of spatial data in a computer environment. GIS gives the student the ability to integrate and analyze spatial and non-spatial information. It provides a suite of tools used to support many kinds of decision-making and analysis for application in many fields such as Agriculture, Business, Demography, Economics, Emergency Management, Marketing, Natural Resource Management, Transportation, Urban Planning, and more.
  • “One of the biggest tools is their networking events. Utilize this opportunity and you will have a job right out of college. If you want to feel like you are not just a student number, but an actual person who matters, and you don't have much time to get started, this is your College!. Since I studied GIS at UCAS, It was such a dynamic team of instructors that you could soak up there intelligence as well as their experiences in the real world.”
    GIS Graduate



  • Construction Engineering and Project Management:
  • This major combines the art of designing buildings in the context of their fundamental systems and components with the engineering and technical concepts of construction. It allows the student to develop those necessary abilities by emphasizing the fundamentals of architectural design combined with the scientific and engineering aspects of planning, structures, environmental systems, and construction. The specialization is also concerned with the development planning and management of strategic projects. It goes beyond the specialized technical skills to hone the graduate personality with management skills and knowledge associated with the development and strategic planning, to enhance his position in the labor market and contribute to the community renaissance.
“I have got my bachelor in Buildings Technology Engineering from UCAS. I absolutely love this institution.  I was worried I wouldn't get into any college but their help I got was great. They prepared me to be competent and professional in the workplace and definitely prepared me for the job market.”  
Engineering Construction and Project Management Graduate
  • Cyber Security Information Engineering:
  • Computer security threats affect nearly every company and organization. As a result, Computerized Information Security professionals are in high demand. This specialization will teach the student the fundamentals of information security, security infrastructure design and implementation, computer forensics, risk assessment as well as the impact of security requirements on a business operation. It will also help the student develop the skills s/he needs to design an organization's security systems procedures, standards, protocols, and policies, as well as ensure that operational security is in compliance with standards, policies, and laws. With this high-demand skill set, the student will be prepared for growing opportunities in careers such as information systems auditor, information systems security analyst, information systems security officer, information technology strategic planner, and disaster recovery analyst.


  • "The instructors were mostly informed, educated and helpful. I had no problem finding a job directly out of college, and I felt prepared and confident when I started my first Cyber Security job. The faculty were top notch and very efficient in their knowledge and teaching styles". 
    Cyber Security Graduate


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