Why UCAS !



1. Our academics are among the best in the country and at the forefront of their subject area. They are all well-experienced, high-qualified and dedicated. It’s all part of our ongoing drive for teaching excellence.


2. Typically, UCAS offers convenient exceptional facilities that promote interactive learning such as modern classrooms, flexible learning spaces, and unique labs including the simulation labs; equipped fully with different technologies to support sufficient delivery, interaction and assessments.


3. Studying at UCAS is not a passive experience. Our outstanding teaching methods are inspirational to get our students engaged in professional collaborative learning environments.



4. Our staff maintains positive relationships with the learners while also ensuring a healthy association among the learners.


5. Our learners feel involved and responsible for their learning while being comfortable enough to fully participate in numerous activities for better and more promising learning outcomes.


6. We help cover part or whole tuition fees for a substantial number of students to enable them attend, stay enrolled, assist in combating challenges or award them for excellent academic performance.


7. Our graduates, from different technical and vocational majors, find jobs in the local and regional job markets shortly afterward their graduation.


8. Through the past twenty years, we have proven to be the leading college in the region providing distinguished training focusing on applied sciences.


9. Through the past twenty years, we have been able to establish partnerships, sponsorships, networks and cooperation across the world.


10. The awards UCAS has won don’t just make us feel proud but they give an idea of what it is like. UCAS overwhelmingly won Palestine International Award for Excellence & Creativity (2007) and the International Quality Certificate ISO (2010).



As we look ahead, we always strive to maintain excellence!