Iam privileged to welcome you as the President of UCAS. UCAS with its reputation for innovative teaching, competing expertise, applied research, Tech-minded entrepreneurs, continuing education, cultural outreach, and cooperative extension has continued to be the leading technical institution in Palestine.
UCAS is keen to educate its students the know-how of being productive citizens promoting creativity and entrepreneurship through team working, critical thinking and constructive dialogue in an atmosphere of objectivity and tolerance.


Coming to meet the dire growing demands of sustainable development and challenges, the practice-oriented approach with the use of the state-of-the-art technologies in education is of top priority for our high-quality academic programs to get our students actively involved in the labor market, and lead to highly sought-after graduates.

UCAS goes beyond its primary mission of education by reaching out to the local Palestinian community with diverse outreach programs and services to realize the sustainable development goals.

Overwhelmingly, our strong partnerships with international universities and institutions serve as a gateway to improve our academic pathways, learning models, research collaboration and community engagement activities in innovative directions and bring our expertise to areas outside the college.
Here at UCAS, we do not build walls – we build bridges and strive to shape a better prosperous educational life for a brighter future of Palestine. 

Said A. Alzebda
UCAS President