Our Strategies
Academic Affairs: 


•Improving the academic staff efficiency


•Developing the academic programs, educational environment & digital media


•Simulating future trends of Information sources & channels


•Preparing students for the requirements of the 21st century


•Scientific researches and applied projects

Administrative Affairs:


•Using Technology and Modernity


•Developing Human resource


•Developing Regulations and Rules


•Developing Learning Environment


•Strengthening and enhancing financial resources

Foreign Affairs: 


•Improving Project Management Effectiveness


•Increasing the financing resources, diversity and sustainability for development projects


•Enhancing community impact


•Increasing graduate employment rates and raise employer awareness


•Increasing the diversity and effectiveness of international projects.

Vocational Diploma: 


• Improving media outreach of  professional program outputs


•Enhancing the dynamism of professional and modern programs


•Raising the competencies of the training & administrative staff


•Enhancing the abilities & skills of students and graduates


•Providing a modern training environment