Center of Innovation & Business Development

The Center of Innovation and Business Development in University college of Applied Science (UCIBD) was launched in December, 2013. The aim of the center is to promote effective transfer and exploitation of knowledge in the University College of Applied Science (UCAS) in order to become more responsive, transparent, and accountable to Palestinian communities. UCIBD facilitates the research relationships between the members of UCAS and the governmental organizations, the private sector, the industrial associations and the international agencies. The brain of UCIBD – the Industry Liaison Office (ILO) – acts as a hub among the members of UCAS and the external parties. It proposes to develop the research relationships, the collaborations and contracts and for the transfer of technology and knowledge arising from the research activities in UCAS.

Strategy, Mission and Policy

The UCAS vision is to become the leading college in the region providing distinguished training in technical and vocational education focusing on applied sciences. In compliance with this vision, UCIBD aims to act as a keystone in the development of the industrial sector in Palestine. In order to achieve this vision, UCIBD mission is set to be a networking point of the innovative ideas and to act as a hub among the academic and industrial components in the Palestinian society

A set of services are organized to be provided by UCIBD: